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Phoenix Art Studio offers free 18" x 24" portraits for the immediate family members of soldiers who have sacrificed
their lives for this country. Contact Us today to get your free portrait started!
e-mail us or call (254) 285-8523.

Fees and sizes for Phoenix Art Studio

Texas Residents are subject to tax on portraits and commercial murals. 50% deposit required for work to begin unless otherwise agreed and stated in contract. 30% of the total cost is non-refundable. For questions please contact us or call (254) 285-8523.

Canvas Paintings

Size (Inches)

Starting Prices

Stacks Image 195

11 x 14


Stacks Image 643

16 x 20


Stacks Image 655

18 x 24


Stacks Image 667

20 x 24


Stacks Image 679

24 x 36


Stacks Image 691

30 x 40


Stacks Image 703

36 x 48


Stacks Image 715

48 x 60


Each person in addition to the first
in the portrait is an additional $30

Mural Paintings

Size (Feet)

Starting Prices

Stacks Image 777

12 sq ft.


Stacks Image 789

20 sq ft.


Stacks Image 801

40 sq ft.


Stacks Image 813

60 sq ft.


Stacks Image 825

84 sq ft.


Stacks Image 837

100 sq ft.


Prices above are starting prices for the actual art work. They may range from $10-$20 a square foot based on complexity. Your walls can be painted a solid color, aside from the mural itself, for a lesser fee.

Rhea Brown

Rhea Brown artist and owner of Phoenix Art Studio
Rhea Brown is a phenomenal artist based in Central Texas. She specializes in painting portraits, murals, illustrations, and faces. Her original canvas paintings are abstract renderings of faith based experiences painted in acrylic, oil, and airbrush.

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